Party Planning 101 Wowing Guests With The Perfect Cheesecake

Party Planning 101 Wowing Guests With The Perfect Cheesecake

When ordering a cake consider how many people will be attending and the ages of the guests. Most experts suggest a standard cake of 18cm will serve about 10 guests or fewer depending on the other desserts and food being served. The age of the guests is important because younger children are more likely to want standard flavors and flavor combination. Unusual recipes are more appreciated at parties where the guests are adults.

Flavor Options and Ideas

The preference of the person the party discuss is celebrating should come first when choosing a cake, as well as any food allergies of people at the party. Many people expect a traditional cake, but a creamy cheesecake is always a welcome surprise. Luckily, cheese cakes is available. If the host is finding it difficult to choose a single cake that will appeal to everyone, it is possible to order sampler cheesecakes. These are pre-sliced and each piece is a unique flavor. Ordering a couple of sampler cakes will help to ensure that everyone is able to get the slice they want and problems like finicky eaters or people with dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

Extras Available to Add

Every cake is made more complete with a personal touch honoring the recipient. When choosing a cheesecake or other creamy confection there will not be the elaborate design options that fondant and icing allow. When picking out an online cake delivery by Cat & the Fiddle make certain to review their tips for adding a personal touch. They offer many suggestions that are easy and fun and will impress everyone. Small gifts or cards are wonderful to order along with the cake and help to make the dessert feel like the loving gift it was designed to be.

Most companies insist on early ordering for cake delivery in Singapore especially during busy times of the year. However, this is not necessary with Cat & the Fiddle. They offer same day ordering and delivery, with some restrictions. Customers do not need to wait for delivery either as they are welcome to collect the cakes themselves, if they prefer.